Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Blog Backgrounds

**Update -- If words are running into the sidebar or pictures looked jammed to one side on your screen please let me know by commenting. It looks normal on our screen but it doesn't look the same when I look at it on my parents computer.

**This is not as easy as with blogspot where you insert a gadget and paste in the code. I know enough about the html to figure out some things (not much though). To put in the background I copied the code from Simply Blog It and pasted it under the "body" section near the beginning of the template code. I modified the sidebar more toward the bottom where it says "Begin Sidebar" and played around with the width until it looked right -- on my screen anyway.

A few people have asked where I got my new background. It is very similar to what I have found on Cutest Blog on the Block but I found my current background on Simply Blog It Backgrounds. I think they were created to use on blogspot. In playing around awhile I was able to use the code and put it in as a fixed background and just changed the size of my columns and moved them a bit to make it work somewhat. There are headers to use as well but I am working on customizing my own to match. She used a digital scrapbook kit to create the background I have and I downloaded the same kit free from Summertime Designs so soon I will have a new header to MATCH.


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sahmto4orMore said...

I think it all looks really good. thank you for sharing hows and wheres for what you have used.

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