Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sick X 6

Update from 3/6 -- Missy Blue came down with a fever in the middle of the night and Baby Boy woke up with it. Funny how differently everyone reacts to a fever as they played and went about life as normal despite having a temp of 103° but were only slightly more clingly and tired. I now have a cold and have been achy and tired most of the week. On the upside, the other boys have perked up and are actually playing today! Yay!

The part of winter I very much dislike is the sickness that frequents our house. It seems from January through the end of March there is always someone sick. January brought a couple of boys the stomach flu and in February the rest of us got it and that was miserable! The only ones spared were Baby and Daddy (only slightly had it). Missy Blue had it the worst as the poor little girl was up all night with a bowl on the side of her bed and she never missed it! I had commented to my husband that at least we only had one at a time with this but that same night I ended up with it along with Re-Pete.

Baby Boy seems to have a cold every 3 - 4 weeks and his always turn into an asthma cough in need of breathing treatments. This time around he passed a form of it onto the rest of the children one by one and some of the symptoms are so out-of-the-ordinary.

Last week Re-Pete had a terrible migraine with a slight fever. Nothing would relieve his pain and so he suffered all day with it sometimes to the point of tears. Finally relief came as he took a bite of dark chocolate (a friend recommended caffeine and that's all I had) and ended up throwing-up. Everyone else was running from the room and saying how disgusting and I was saying "Thank You Lord!" as I knew it was at the end. Sure enough, Re-Pete said the pain was completely gone!

Sunday brought George and Tank a fever and small cough which progressively got worse for George and he has been down with this fever and a nasty cough all week. Very unlike him and I am really missing my normal boy! Today Pete came down with the fever and was sleeping most of the day. This afternoon during naptime (even Tank fell asleep today), Re-Pete said how boring it is when everyone is sick. No one wanted to play and it was SO quiet around here. I missed all of the noise, even the arguing.

Once in awhile I wish everyone could get sick all on the same day without passing it from one to the next, to the next as this just drags on so and we are up so many nights with coughing or some such thing to the point where it gets draining. Thankfully the boys are all sound sleepers as they can sleep through each others coughing where we hear everything over in the next room.

I am very thankful the sun will be out tomorrow and warmer temperatures are in the air as we need a little pick-me-up and spring in the air is the perfect thing! 


Juldos said...

Enjoy the lovely sunshine.

I will pray that everyone begins to feel better.

Julie D.

sahmto4orMore said...

Ooooh, I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time of it.

We've had someone sick most every week, too, but it hasn't been too horrendous. Four of mine have snotty noses now....I can't decide if it's another cold or if allergy season is kicking in.

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