Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Julius, NOT Julie

Well, the cats are still here this morning. We found them curled up together on the old blanket George had put out for them. I felt guilty last night as we were all in the house and the cats went from window to window watching us. No, I do not want the cats in the house but yet, having those eyes looking at you longingly is not easy.

Yesterday I was trying to figure out if the cats were girls or boys and I couldn't quite get a look at the orange cat.
I leaned toward a girl probably because Missy kept calling it "Orange Girl". Well, we found out last night that "Julie" is really "JULIUS!" Would you like to know how we figured that one out?

The boys were saying "Goodnight" to the cats and I asked if they were curled up on the blanket. Pete and Re-Pete said that they were but that the bigger cats sure curl up in a strange way. I asked what they  meant and they said that the orange cat was on top of the gray cat! Oh No!!!

I went to see and sure enough, it was plain as day that the orange cat is indeed a boy! So, the kids are all standing around watching and I told my husband that we have a boy cat. He came to see and started pounding on the door saying, "No, Stop!" The boys asked how we knew it was a boy cat and we gave a brief explanation which satisfied them. My husband just pulled the curtains on them so we wouldn't continue to watch and then kept shaking his head as if to say, "What have we gotten ourselves into?"

I got online trying to find out how long a cat is in heat and such. It is obvious to me now that Jumper is in heat as she was very loving yesterday and is all over our legs to the point she is tripping us up and it is hard to ditch her when trying to get in the house. We'll have to see what transpires but we could have kittens in nine weeks. Oh my!

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