Saturday, March 28, 2009

Refreshing Weekend

Last weekend I had a wonderful time at our church ladies retreat! It was such a great time of laughter and sweet fellowship. But most of all the Lord spoke to my heart through our speaker. She taught about the names of God and went into detail encouraging us to chose a name that we needed, claim it and call out to God by that name. The name that I need most at this time in my life is Jehovah Raah which means "The Lord is My Shepherd".  We probably all know Psalm 23 and very often it is heard at a funeral but I was reminded that it is very much a Psalm for the living!

Do you know that sheep are the dumbest animals? They are in need of constant supervision and care and their welfare depends on that care they receive from their shepherd. We are like sheep, week and helpless but He is a loving and tender Shepherd.

I read a translation of the first verse of the Psalm that was misquoted by a little boy that really applies. "The LORD is my shepherd, and that's all I want". If the Lord is the Shepherd of my life that should be all I want.

I need my Jehovah Raah every day and am calling out to Him as He alone can meet all of my needs so that I in turn can meet the needs of the "sheep" He has blessed me with.

I am so thankful for a weekend of refreshing, not only physically but spiritually!

The ladies at my table that happened to coordinate our colors that day (except for me). My Mom is to the right of me and my dear friend is on the left (her Mom is behind her) For fun we bought the same shirt in a different color which brought back memories of when we were in middle school and did goofy things like that! :)

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