Monday, March 16, 2009

Pets For A Day?

Living in the country we frequently have cats visit. They come and go, look in our windows, and dig through our garbage but usually run as soon as we open the door. The boys have wanted a pet, a dog to be specific, for a long time. Having started out with dogs, before we had children, we know that we are not ready for that kind of commitment right now. Cats have never been a favorite of mine mainly because spending too much time with them I am sneezing up a storm and have itchy eyes.

Today the boys found three cats, one is a kitten, in our storage garage. My husband and I had thought that it might not be bad to have cats for pets as long as they were outside and could come and go as they pleased. My in-laws ended up with a cat when they began to feed it and so we fed the three cats, gave them water and the children have been playing with them for most of the day. As soon as they come in the house the cats are at the door meowing. The children have named them and grown quite attached already. We'll see if they return tomorrow but I have a feeling they might.

George has been enjoying the cats the most and they seem to really love him too.

This is the kitten they named "Zebra" because of the stripes. It follows Pete everywhere.

The one on the left was named "Jumper" when he jumped off the deck. The orange one is named "Orange Julius" (a favorite drink of ours) but "Julie" for short.

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