Monday, March 30, 2009

MMmmm Monday -- Cinnabon Clone

I was on and found the recipe called "Clone of Cinnabon" and had to try it. I made the dough Friday night and was going to start the rolls but the dough took too long to rise so wasn't ready in time. I thought something was wrong with the yeast so just left it covered on the counter and went to bed disappointed. Saturday morning it had risen enough and I was able to roll out the dough and make cinnamon rolls. Now I wouldn't say they taste like a clone of a Cinnabon, although I always do make a few "healthier" modifications with some whole wheat flour but not as much this time to be a better comparison. But they are very tasty and George asked me if I could make them every Saturday and Sunday. My husband also said they were very good and he doesn't often comment about food without being asked. He also said he was glad they didn't taste just like a Cinnabon as he thinks the real thing is too sweet.  No pictures this time but if you would like to try the recipe click HERE.

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