Monday, October 1, 2007

Last Race of the Season

We returned yesterday from a 10-day trip to Missouri. It was my husband's last race of the season combined with a family vacation and family reunion. We had a wonderful time! I am going to split this into two posts, first talking about the race (for those of you interested).

Flying through the air off a jump past the grandstand.

My husband's goal at the beginning of the season was obviously to come in 1st overall having been just 3 points shy of being class champion last season. That goal was soon deflated as things did not go as well as planned and he ran into numerous difficulties. At one point he was 12th in the points and reset the goal of coming in at least 5th overall in the end.

This weekend was what he was looking for. He finished both races in the top three. Saturday he had us (his Mom, me, and George) a little nervous when we saw smoke coming out the back of the car for the entire race. We held our breath thinking he may not finish but he surprised us with a 3rd place finish. It was an exciting weekend as we were at a first-rate facility and the Speed Channel was there interviewing each winning driver. George and Tank were able to go on stage with him but I couldn't get the other boys there in time. (I am moving a little slower these days). He fixed the smoking issue which was something to do with the power steering. The next day's race he finished in second and finished out the season in 4th place in the Super Buggy Class. We are very proud of him!!

Daddy being interviewed by an "ESPN Speed Freak" with Tank and George holding the check.

The drive down to Wheatland, Missouri was 13 hours overall and we broke it into a two-day trip. We are very thankful for the motorhome as the children are able to play, snack, take bathroom breaks, nap, as needed. It was nice for me to be able to get up and walk around or put my feet up for awhile as they were quite swollen by the end.

The weather was so hot and humid which while being normal for Missouri supposedly isn't typical weather for the end of September. Usually we camp out at the racetrack  meaning pit-toilets and no power for air-conditioning but this time there was a "campground" of sorts right off the track in a grassy area where we could have power and unlimited water. This was another thing to be thankful for as after a hot day of racing we were able to cool off in the motorhome and also take a nice shower. The children were a mess by the end of the weekend but that is nothing new. The boys seem to gravitate toward any dirt they can possibly find. Once in awhile they completely change color with the coating of dirt they form. While for the most part Missy Blue is very girly, I cannot even keep her from following those boys into the dirt.

Vacation portion of trip -- to be continued...

The older boys playing in Daddy's car.
The boys motorhome bedroom. Missy blue sleeps up front on a drop down table and Pete also sleeps up front on the fold down couch. Re-Pete is hiding on the bottom bunk as he doesn't always care to have his picture taken.
Daddy with Missy Blue after an exciting race weekend.


5atkins said...

I have been praying for you but I didn't know you dh needed them too! :) Seriously, I would be so nervous if my husband was a racer of any kind! I am sure God gives you all the grace you need!

So glad you had a good time and I look forward to hearing more!

Blessings, Eva

sahmto4orMore said...

Congrats to your husband!

My lil gal likes the dirt, too......and oh the puddles!

I don't know how you could make it on such a long drive at this point in pregnancy!

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