Friday, October 19, 2007

Lessons learned

I am once in awhile amazed at the lessons I learn from my children. This week George reminded me of how we need to always speak with kindness.

In preparation for Missy Blue's birthday my Mom mentioned that she had bought a small doll for her to take along to church. The other day I was at the store along with my Mom and sister and two of my boys and saw the doll that she had bought there. I didn't think it was cute in anyway and so said, "Is this the doll you bought? It is so ugly!" My Mom didn't make anything of it and I didn't think more about it.

On the way home from the store George asked why I had told Grandma that the doll she bought was ugly. "Because it is", I said. He continued on, explaining to me that if Grandma took the time to buy something, I should not say it is ugly. He wanted to make sure that when Missy Blue opened that gift that I would not say another word about it. Needless to say, I knew he was right. While I know my Mom well and can say just about anything to her, it wasn't speaking with kindness nor was it a good example to the children. I did call my Mom to ask forgiveness for my rude comment and as I had known, it didn't bother her. But yet, it was a necessary call.

Thank You George for your gentle reminder!

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EEEEMommy said...

This is a testimony to your excellent training for him to recognize such!

My own kids have a way of doing this too. A little bit ago, I was bored with the Christian radio station and started flipping through the dial. When I paused on an alternative radio station, my son questioned my actions and remarked, "I'm accustomed to only listening to CHRISTIAN music." Oh, really! I don't even know how he knew it wasn't Christian music in the brief moments the music played, but God used it to convict me nonetheless.

It was good of you to heed the Spirit's voice through your son and apologize to your mom.

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