Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Baby Day Set!

Sorry, my posts have been so slow in coming! Life gets busy and blogging gets put on the back-burner. So I post two quick things today.

I had an appointment with the Doctor who does my c-section this past week and we set the date for Baby Day! It will be the first Friday in November and while that wasn't my ideal time (okay, I know most people don't get to choose) it will work out. There is so much to think about in planning child care for the rest of the gang. This is one advantage to a c-section. It makes me just a bit nervous as it is only 10 days before my due date where my past sections have been 2 weeks earlier. Insurance rules have changed that. If I would go into labor before the set date I need to get to the hospital pretty quickly and they will do a c-section at that time as the doctors do not want me getting into hard labor. I know that God is in control so I need to rest in Him.

I am getting excited as we enter the home stretch. I still stumble out of bed in the morning trying to regain my balance and think, "Am I dreaming or am I really having my sixth baby?" In addition to holding my precious gift I look forward to having a bit of energy back and not having a big watermelon sitting in my lap weighing me down so.


Diane said...

My dr. wouldn't allow me to have my c section very early at all...Two days before the due date was his maximum. (he saw many babies born with respiratory problems). It didn't matter with Emma, I still went into labor 10 days early. :) Guess she showed him, huh?

Don't forget to post an updated picture before this precious baby is born.

living4Him said...

So glad to hear from you again! I will be praying as the days get closer for peace and wisdom as you prepare. Let me know if I can help in any way. I would be happy to go out to your house for one day if that would help!

Praying for you!


sahmto4orMore said...

It would be kinda nice to have a date and be able to plan. I'd still prefer the old-fashioned way, but i tell you the whole child-care thing is a bit hair-raising when you don't know WHEN you're going to have the baby and i generally go into labor at night.

Ah, well, i must trust God to take care of the details.

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