Monday, July 2, 2007

Race weekend #2

I am finally getting back to our race weekend but will keep it short and sweet. We always enjoy the race at Crandon as it is very close to my husband's parents house and so we spend the weekend with them rather than camping out in our motorhome. This is my favorite racetrack as it has the most beautiful setting with the trees in the northwoods as a backdrop in total contrast to the dirt and grime from all of the cars and trucks racing out there. Saturday's race was looking good. My husband got a good start and soon passed into 2nd and then 3rd place. One lap later he moved into 1st place and we were so excited! Unfortunately, on the last lap his left-rear wheel broke off and he landed after a jump unable to go anywhere. It was a big disappointment for him coming so close to a win in addition to that he would not be able to repair the car in time for the next day's race. He was able to enjoy the next day however as we worshipped with an area church and then spent time as a family relaxing at the beach.

Being towed (you can see the hook on the left side) and pulled into the trailer (left-rear wheel missing).


Enjoying the beautiful day at the beach with RePete




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