Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthday Celebration!

After much preparation the celebration for George was so nice!.His birthday meal was putzy but it was his selection. The menu consisted of kabobs, a pasta salad, fruit kabobs (which I had nixed because of the extra work but my sister graciously volunteered to make them -- thank you!), veggies & dip, and corn on the cob. A yummy summertime meal!

George had gone through a favorite cake website to pick out his birthday cake and selected a monster truck theme which was quite simple. The flavor of the cake was a favorite of mine (George and I have very similar tastes as far as food) which is chocolate mint, of course from scratch.

Earlier in the day I had talked with George about thankfulness and reminded him that when he receives a gift he needs to look at the person who gave it to him and say "thank you". I was very proud of him when after opening each present he got up to thank and hug the giver. I was a bit shocked as that is a little out of character for him. He doesn't mind being hugged but doesn't often go out of his way to give them. I also found it interesting that when he talked about the gifts with his brothers he said "look at what WE got!" I guess little by little they are indeed learning how to share.

I had wanted to make the day more special by having everyone tell George what was special to them about him or talk about something he had accomplished this year. My idea didn't fly with him. He begged me not to do that as he would be embarrassed. Such is the age I guess. Instead his brothers each made a card for him and I helped them write what they enjoyed doing with George. My husband and I also wrote in a card the things about George that are special to us.

When the children were finally settled for the night my husband and I were able to unwind and talk through the day while I had my "birthday cry" on his shoulder. Will growing up ever get easier for this Mommy? I don't suppose so.

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