Monday, July 2, 2007

Strawberry picking tradition


Each summer I look forward to strawberry season. It is here and gone so quickly but freshly picked berries have such a sweet juicy taste. What a good gift God gives us in such wonderful fruits to enjoy! This past weekend the boys and I kept with tradition and went strawberry picking with my Dad. We have been going since George was just a toddler so he has come a long way in his picking ability. This year I decided that Tank was old enough to come along as it always seems I hold him back longer than I would his brothers. The boys always enjoy the tractor ride out to the fields but their favorite part is eating the berries as they pick.  George is an old pro now and knows which strawberries to pick without a problem. I decided to follow the other boys to make sure they were picking the ripe berries. Tank had more on his face than in his bucket for awhile. We enjoyed the morning with Grandpa and now comes the task of processing the berries to freeze for smoothies and milkshakes and making strawberry jam.



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