Monday, June 25, 2007

Smelly fridge...

We just returned home from another race weekend (more on that later). As I opened the refrigerator to see what we may have on hand for supper I noticed a horrible smell. Now this in and of itself is not that strange in our house but I did not feel any cool air and the milk looked rather curdled. That's strange I thought. I opened the freezer and everything was warm. Oh no, not now, we haven't even unpacked!

I went out to inform my husband that the refrigerator had died to which he wasn't very pleased. He was ready to clean it out but I was not up to the smell at that moment, especially being that it is so hot outside that we couldn't really open up the house to air out the smell. We did realize though that the light was still on which shouldn't be if it is completely dead so my husband checked again and thankfully the dial was just turned to off. (By this time I have picked out in my mind our new refrigerator). Now, which of the little fingers in the house would have turned the dial? It wasn't too difficult to figure out but my husband asked the boys. The three oldest said, "what dial?" but our little Tank (aka. Captain Chaos) smiled and as the fridge door opened he proceeded to turn the dial and said, "I did it!".  A-ha! we found our culprit, as if we didn't already know. The importance of not touching that dial was explained and after a time we all got in gear for a big cleaning job.

The freezer was the biggest mess as some frozen dough had risen and ice cream tipped on it's side had completely spilled out. My husband is a wonderful help as he doesn't mind dirty/smelly jobs and got right in there doing the brunt of the cleaning. So much for a restful afternoon! But at least I have the cleanest refrigerator I've had in a long time. I'll get back to our race weekend in another post.

My clean refrigerator





Diane said...

OH, and I just noticed you are at the half way mark, 20 more weeks and baby will makes it's entrance. Will you be finding out prior to the birth if you will be having a little girl or boy? I'm so excited to find out! (go figure, an almost stranger is SUPER excited). :)

God Bless you Family.


EEEEMommy said...

What a pain! I'm sure you appreciate avoiding the expense of a new refrigerator, but I can understand the twinge of disappointment!

Mourning the loss of the ice cream,


sahmto4orMore said... morning sickness is kicking in just thinking of the smell.

I've had some little fingers turn our dial before, too.

Thankfully we were home and able to catch it before all was lost.

I'm glad you don't really need to go buy a new fridge.

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