Monday, July 30, 2007

Power of prayer

The chorus "God Is So Good" continues to play through in my mind over the past couple of weeks. I see God at work and I want to share it with you.

Over a month ago I had asked you to pray for Jean who was diagnosed with lung/bone cancer which was progressing quickly. I want to give you a quick update. The past weeks have been a tremendous trial for her family and our church family as well as a member of our body is hurting. We have dedicated ourselves to ceaseless prayer on Jean's behalf and begged for God to heal her as we know He can do anything. It came to the point where they thought they were going to lose her for the second time and our church body just held each other and cried at the thought of life without Jean but we began to pray that God would take her quickly so she would no longer suffer. It seems that God brought us to the end of ourselves where we completely gave her over to Him instead of dwelling on ourselves and how we wanted her here.

o God be the Glory! Great things HE has done! My Mom and I visited Jean in the hospital yesterday and saw a walking miracle. The doctors and nurses are amazed that she could survive all that she endured and now be preparing to go home possibly this week! We stand in awe and are so grateful to God for bringing her back to us. While the road ahead may be long in treating the cancer we trust that God is not finished with His work in her life and He will carry her through. God is so good!

God has been at work in the lives of my friends as well.

  • One friend who is pregnant with their 4th child had an ultrasound and it seemed that their child would have downs syndrome and also a heart problem. A few weeks later the ultrasound now shows a perfectly formed little baby. The hole in the heart has closed and there are no longer signs of any downs. God is so Good!

  • Another pregnant friend (with their 9th baby) was diagnosed with placenta previa with a high probability of strict bedrest and a c-section. She had a second ultrasound this morning and the placenta has moved up! God is so Good!

As I type I sit with a smile that cannot be wiped away because I see so clearly the goodness of God. Thank You to those of you who prayed for Jean!

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