Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Weekend Away

We have kept busy this summer as usual and it seems I am always either doing more laundry to prepare for a trip or to catch up after a trip. Being pregnant, my energy is not what I wish it to be, so right now I am thrilled to be home, relaxing (and trying to get my homeschool order together).

My husband had another race this past weekend, this time in Upper Michigan. My parents were able to come to this race along with my in-laws who help out at every race. The highlight of the weekend was that after a trying season with countless problems my husband was able to grab the holeshot and lead the entire race pulling out a win on Saturday. We were all so proud of him! As he was being interviewed our boys ran down to the fence admiring their daddy.  Unfortunately the next day’s race wasn’t as successful as he had some contact in the beginning with another car which caused a flat tire. He kept racing as long as he could but pulled off to the side as the wheel was smoking. Thankfully he was able to cross the finish line and so will get some points for the race.

Camping at the racetrack this time around was not my idea of a good time. Usually I sleep without a problem but Saturday night was so humid and still with no breeze coming in and I could not sleep. In my wake time I realized what I thankfully usually sleep through… a lot of noise and partying. Unfortunately, there are spectators that camp right along with racers and they stay awake drinking and such until who knows when. I was having a hard time with my attitude as I thought of my children sleeping while drunk people were passing by our motorhome making loud noises and my husband was able to sleep. I wanted to go out and say something but at 1 a.m. was not dressed for the occasion and what would I say to people who were not in their right mind anyway? Instead as they passed by I quickly opened the blinds which scared them enough to not come past again. As I finally prayed about the situation God answered quickly and sent a loud clash of thunder and a downpour followed which put a damper on the parties going on.

But alas, sleep was not meant to be. George fell off of his bunk bed screaming and we went running. Thankfully he landed on the bed across from him and only hurt his stomach in the position he landed. It could have been much worse if he had fallen on his brother laying on the ground below. Not long after that Tank woke crying and ended up throwing up and I was ever so thankful for a motorhome with a toilet rather than having to rush to the porta-potty! My husband and I both fell asleep exhausted.

I am thankful for an area Bible Church that we worship with each time we are in the area. It is so good to meet with fellow believers even while away and get to know them so that now when we walk through the door they recognize us. Some even attend the races and cheer my husband on.

We arrived home Sunday evening to relax from a long weekend away. “There’s no place like home” is so fitting for how we were feeling. Two more race weekends to go but unfortunately that also brings with it an end to summer.

I love this smiley picture after his win! The clean car means he lead the whole race! Click on the picture and scroll down to Super Buggy for full story and another picture.

Sitting at a campfire with Grandma and Grandpa

Being interviewed for the Speed Channel.

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EEEEMommy said...

What an interesting way to spend the summer! I've never been to a race (even though I grew up in Indianapolis home of the 500), my family was never into racing much. It's so neat that it's a family experience, and I'm impressed that you've found a church there, most people would just not attend.

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