Monday, April 29, 2013

Zippy Update -- 18 - 20 Months

I began this post at 18 months (first two paragraphs) but now of course we are at 20 months. Ahh!

Zippy is no longer a baby! He is a walking, talking little boy. He was just sitting on my lap and grabbed hold of my hair with his hand and began rubbing it through his fingers -- something I realized he hadn't done in quite awhile. That used to be a source of comfort to aid in sleeping. He is sleepy now but it reminded me of the book by Karen Kingsbury Let Me Hold You Longer (a tear-jerker to be sure!) You never know when something will happen for the last time.{sigh}

I was trying to think of the words that Zippy knows but really, he can say any word we ask him to. He is even speaking in short sentences already. Totally amazes me as I don't recall the rest of the children doing that at 18 months! Even in looking back at what George could say I first wrote his list when he was 2 years and it wasn't this extensive.

Okay so now at 20 months -- Zippy is talking even more! You may have seen my video of him repeating Ephesians 6:1. So fun! He does say many words but also does speak with a lot of jibberish mixed in. And I wondered if he comprehends all of the words he says or if he only repeats them. But in testing that out it seems that indeed he does understand. A few words he says regularly are:

all his siblings names (I wish I could write them out but he says them too clearly)
Ink-in = Lincoln the dog
football (every ball is a football)
ice seem = ice cream
hep me! = help me!
fly topper (he wants his brothers to fly their remote helicopters all the time!)
go ouside
pay = play
seepy = sleepy
peeko = pickle
ink = drink
chews = shoes
beh-we = belly (he really loves to find his belly, and everyone else's too)
I yah you = I love you often said in a whisper -- too sweet!

Zippy isn't overly thrilled with food and is more of a grazer. He is particular about some things. For instance last night I cut up a chicken breast and he wouldn't touch it. But I let him take a bite of mine and he loved it and then realized he could eat his pieces too. He LOVES cheese! Anytime he is hungry that is what he asks for. He started eating cold cereal with milk (not the best breakfast but it works when rushed and we don't eat the sugar loaded ones). He also would rather sit on a stool at the counter or on a chair at the table when given a choice, just like the rest of the kids.

He loves his siblings!

 photo three-boys_zps94637f4e.jpg

Pete is still his go-to but probably because we assigned Pete as his partner and second because he has been doing more babysitting when I run other kids to various events. He can't tell Pete and Re-Pete apart yet and calls them whatever name he chooses. Since all of the other kids could tell them apart early on Re-Pete thought it might have something to do with the fact that Zippy can talk earlier and say the names earlier than the face recognition. We'll see. I am sure he'll get it at some point, which would be nice because they are always telling him their real name. "No, I'm ____".

"Pee-be-boo" with Re-Pete

 photo Re-Pete-and-Si-peek_zpsac956f85.jpg

 photo Re-Pete-n-Si-peek-a-boo_zpsd6897a1b.jpg

Zippy wants to be outside every chance he can get! Even if everyone else is inside if it looks nice out to him he puts his boots on (wrong feet), once in awhile finds a jacket, and stands at the door or goes to get "hep" and calls "go ou-side!"

 photo Zippy-go-ouside_zpsee6bf7bd.jpg

He was beginning to annoy his older brothers as when I'd say no he went to them to beg. :)- He might be a handful this summer as he likes to wander off and not stay with the gang.

He is at the stage of making messes.

 photo Zippy-licking-chocolate_zps8a2d4347.jpg

 I wasn't quick enough to get a clear shot but I love this goofy grin! But he looks like such a little boy, oh my.

 photo Si-Chocolate-face_zpsf0bcfa6c.jpg

Zippy sleeps great! He still has his moments when he wakes crying and nothing soothes him (except coming in our bed) but they are few and far between. He also is taking 1 1/2 - 2 hour naps every afternoon without waking as often in between.

His hair has come in a little more to the point that people would ask if I gave him a haircut; probably because is it thicker on top and shorter on the sides with the perfect hairline in back. John gets a kick out of his hair blowing in the wind outside as he thinks it looks like a hairpiece.

 photo Zippy-hair_zps2e85307e.jpg

Zippy is still quite the Mama's boy. He gets especially irritated when John and I hug for too long and will start to whimper and try to break us apart. If he gets in the middle all is well again.

As for size -- well, he is wearing 18 month clothes for the most part. One piece outfits and some shirts he'll wear 24 months though. I have't measured him lately. I suppose I should but I believe he was 26 pounds in the last month or so when the boys put him on the scale.

Time is flying but we enjoy our little guy so much!

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