Monday, April 22, 2013

TOS Crew - Progeny Press Review

As long as we have been homeschooling I have been a fan of literature-based learning. As the children have gotten older and more advanced in their reading I have turned to study guides to see what they are comprehending. Progeny Press is a great company for that. Progeny Press creates study guides for great literature examining it from a Christian perspective. 

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I chose the study guide for The Eagle of the Ninth for George and we used the instant download.

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How It Worked for Our Family

The study guide does not come with the book but that isn't a problem as we were able to check it out from the library. Initially George began reading The Eagle of the Ninth but he was struggling through the first chapter having a hard time comprehending it. (There are quite a few words even I didn't know the meaning of!) I did have him use the study guide to help and that did give him a better grasp of what was happening. I began reading it as well and could see that it was maybe a bit over his reading level. But we did like the study guide itself.

The study guide was an easy download and the files are adobe pdf. This is an interactive study guide and included an answer key. What was very nice about this guide was George could fill in his multiple choice answers and type out the essay portion right on the computer and then would save the file with his answers. No writing involved, a big plus as far as he is concerned and I was happy to not have another thing to print out. Being interactive it also would jump to a specific chapter when clicking on it in the table of contents rather than having to scroll through.

I was very happy with the content of the study guide. It causes you to really analyze what you have read. It also includes vocabulary words you may not have known, which in this book was a lot! It includes grammar and writing techniques. The portion called "Dig Deeper" gives you food for thought taking a part of the story and coming at it from a biblical perspective. For instance, in talking about how British tribes react in anger the study guide gives bible verses to look up to see what God's Word has to say about anger.

While the book may be difficult I found the study guide to be very beneficial. And in looking at all of the guides available from Progeny Press I know I will be utilizing them more often.


The Eagle of the Ninth study guide is available from Progeny Press for $16.99 for CD or instant download and $18.99 for printed booklet. This does not include the book. The recommended level for this one is 7 - 9th grade.

Progeny Press has a vast selection of study guides from lower elementary, all the way through high school each varying in price. You are able to purchase many of the books needed from them as well.

Click to read more reviews on some of the other study guides Progeny Press has to offer. 

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Kidcraze said...

I have a question: Since you used the digital version of the study guide, will you be able to re-use it with subsequent children or is it more of a one-time-use????

manymasons said...

You can reuse it. You just save the pdf file that you are putting the answers in as a different name than the original. You could always go back and change the answers to blanks too but that's too much work.

Kidcraze said...

Thanks! I will be using these next year :)

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