Friday, April 12, 2013

Brief Vacation

We were able to take a last minute trip to Door County this week. You may recall our trip there last year at this time. And what a difference a year makes as far as weather!

Well, my Grandparents own a timeshare but life is changing and they decided to sell it to my parents. So, we went up for the week with them. My Mom couldn't stay the whole time and John ended up having to fly to Ohio for a meeting but the kids and I stayed with my Dad. They had a great time swimming twice a day and I had a technology break. Well, for the most part. Of course I still have my iPhone that isn't ever far from me so I guess it wasn't entirely a break. But today is my first day back on the computer! Ahh, what a feeling. I need to do that much more often.

I'll share pictures soon but I wanted to touch base. Of course I have an upcoming review so that might come first.

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