Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Days

It has been quiet here on my blog I know but it hasn't been quiet here at home. We have been getting ready the past few weeks for our 4H Music and Drama festival. That means two hour practices twice a week and running to various stores every chance I get when in town to find odds and ends for costumes, backgrounds, props, etc. all in addition to our normal routine. I don't know about you but when I am not home for chunks of time like that I get so behind on keeping the house in order (not that I am good at it to begin with). We all have been going in various directions lately and eating on the run and I really miss sitting around the table together. And so, I am thankful that we are in the final week of preparation with our first performance tonight for our club and the Festival performance this coming Saturday.

We will be performing Circus Circus and it has been a fun one to prepare for. The songs are catchy, the characters are fun and who doesn't like to wear a fun costume?

The past weeks have also been crazy for John as issues came up at work with the project he is in charge of which meant he worked all last weekend causing him to miss a winter men's retreat that he desperately needed but we did make it relaxing for him when he was home. And this past week he has been the chauffeur for one of the Koreans visiting from Hyundai taking him out eat from time to time with a few late nights and working again part of Sunday. John takes it all in stride as always and makes the best of what he is given and I love that quality in him!

So, off to a busy day of painting children's faces to look like lions, finding the right size tights for my tight rope walker and making sure we have everything in place for tonight. As George my lion tamer says -- "So on with the show to the main event". 

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Kidcraze said...

So good to catch up with you. Don't know how I missed the last couple of posts, but they were precious.
Hope you all have fun with your drama and it all comes together seamlessly in the end. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

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