Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 Months Old

Baby Boy you are 6 months old already! As Daddy said the other night you are at such a fun age -- so alert, giggling, interacting.

You are starting to wear 12 months clothing so I think you may be getting longer but you still aren't quite as roly poly as some of your siblings have been. That's okay though you are still a cutie pie! You weigh 18 pounds some ounces.

You are a much happier baby then you used to be and rarely have those times of inconsolable screaming. There are many variables on that -- could be you are growing out of it, could be that Mommy is off of dairy, could be that you are on probiotic drops every day. Whatever it is -- we love it! Everyone always comments what a mellow and happy baby you are and now I definitely agree. I have a hard time catching you when you are moving so this picture is a bit blurry but I love your smile.


You have been sick again this past month and ended up having another chest x-ray which you sat very nicely for but thankfully you did not have pneumonia again, although it sure sounded like it. You were very audibly wheezing for weeks and coughing quite a bit. We were happy it was only a virus but felt bad for you with the breathing problems. But as last time, you continued to be happy and it didn't seem to phase you. So you had breathing treatments for a couple weeks and the doctor did put you on a liquid steroid to open up the airways better. That made you a little irritable for a day or two but sure did open everything up as your nose drained and you coughed up the junk going down to your lungs.

Today you are much better which is great! Having a baby sick for weeks really is time-consuming keeping up with breathing treatments and such.


You seem to really enjoy music. Grandma L. found that when you are crying if she plays the piano with you on her lap you will stop. And when you are tired and just want to sleep if I quietly sing to you you settle down very quickly.

This past month I finally setup your crib and don't know why I didn't do that from the start. The pack-n-play worked okay but you seem to really enjoy the space in your crib. You still sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room simply because at this moment there is no other place for you but that works out fine for now.

You are not like your siblings in that you do not easily fall asleep in your crib although that is because I have held and rocked you so much more. You will from time to time if I catch the timing right and put you down way before you get tired. It certainly makes it much easier when we are out somewhere as you can fall asleep in our arms. And you cuddled up against me softly breathing into my ear is one of the sweetest feelings in the world.

You still have not made up your mind about a pacifier or thumb preference. At this point you will take either or neither it all depends, but on what, I'm not sure. It is a good thing to be flexible, especially living in this family!


You have been rolling for awhile now and can maneuver yourself to where you want to go fairly well. And you are on the verge of sitting alone. You have attempted it and can balance a short time then fall over. But any day you will be sitting without being propped up.


The boys keep looking at their baby calendars to find out when they crawled as they are itching for you to move. It is fun to look back at what they did when and see how similar or different you are. You are unique little guy and probably more "spoiled" than the rest but I can't get enough of you precious boy!

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