Sunday, February 12, 2012

5 Months Old

Five months old already! (I did actually write this on time, just didn't get my pictures edited until now.) I seem to wonder each month where the time has gone. I was talking to a friend the other day trying to recall something from your birth and I had a hard time remembering and she said "It's only been 5 months!" Yes, well, those months sped right past me and I look at you now babbling sounds and can't believe you were a tiny little newborn snuggled up tight against me.

I have no idea how big you are this month but you seem a bit smaller than Tank and Seppy were at this age. Although your rolls seem to be getting bigger you just aren't as chunky yet.

You are over your pneumonia now and the wheezing has completely ended, although it took about two weeks after the antibiotics were done for that to end. We visited the chiropractor numerous times during those weeks which you seemed to enjoy and you certainly brought a smile to everyone's face when we were there as you are Mister Smiles.

You haven't gotten into a good nap routine yet but we are working on that. You still are fussy many evenings and the person that can calm you down the best is Daddy. You get in his arms, snuggle up against his shoulder, feel his hand patting your back and you calm down and usually fall asleep. Ahh!

You periodically wake up screaming during the day as if you are having a bad dream that you can't wake out of. It reminds me of when a couple of your brothers used to have night terrors. Sometimes you fall back asleep and other times we call your name really loud which might snap you out of it. It always seems gas related though.

You are getting to be so much fun! You make noises like "nnnn-ga" and various loud forms of "ahhhh" that go up and down in pitch and you have the sweetest belly laugh.

We pulled out the old exersaucer and while initially you are interested in the toys you often prefer to just hunker down, suck your fists and spin around  to watch the world your siblings go by.

I wonder if you are starting to get teeth as you always are sucking or gumming on anything you can get in your mouth but the cutest is when you "chew" on your lips giving you fishy lips.


You are also at the stage of being able to hold onto toys but still with awkward movements, not always hitting the mark of where you want it to go but you get better at it each day.

You can roll over both directions but you don't do it very often yet.

You have taken a pacifier a time or two this month and you have also fallen asleep sucking your fingers a time or two but still nothing consistent. By this age your brothers had chosen their thumb and stuck with that so I am guessing you may be like your sister and not use anything which is fine with me.


The fascination with having a baby in the house has surprisingly continued and I find your siblings still clamor to hold you. They sure do love you sweet boy and so do we!

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