Monday, February 23, 2009

Walking and Talking

Baby Boy is walking and walking and walking! He started taking his first steps right around Christmastime. It is always fun to watch a baby learn to walk, taking their first steps, falling down, clapping and getting all excited, only to get up and try again. The beginning of February he really took off and gave up on crawling altogether. Unfortunately along with walking comes a personality shift as with this independence, he has also become more demanding. It also means he is into more things and trying to climb up on everything. Having an inactive little girl before him made me forget how active little boys can be (how could I forget?)

Baby Boy is also learning more words including baw (ball), dow (down), caga (cracker) with his favorite still being "Hi!" and  "Daddy" and now he puts them together. This weekend he did start saying "Hi Mama!" which was so sweet to hear.

It always amazes me how God created a child to learn to walk and talk on their own. There is nothing that we do to teach them besides maybe modeling it. Each new skill learned comes at just the right time. A couple months back I tried to teach Baby Boy how to go down stairs but he didn't get it. But yet a few weeks later he was crawling up and down stairs like he'd been doing it forever.

Baby Boy is growing up, faster and faster each day... "sigh".

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anneliesekmcdowell said...

How bittersweet! I remember when Peanut started walking. They make such a transition at that stage and it is almost as if they put all things baby aside and become a full-fledged toddler. I enjoy this stage quite a bit well except for the asserting of their independance:(

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