Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boys and their stunts

Yesterday a couple of the boys were playing outside. Tank and I were looking at pictures on the computer which is right next to a sliding glass door leading out to our wrap-around porch. All of a sudden he is pointing at the door saying "LOOK!" I turn to see one of the boys (I will not say who did what) straddling the railing and begin to climb to the other side.

I began to yell and pound on the door for him to get back over as that is a MAJOR jump! I cannot tell you how many discussions we have had about the dangers of the porch railing and how far of a drop it is to the ground, albeit I usually only discuss this in the summer when they are always outside. I went out and looked down to find that someone had already jumped and took off running.

I also found out that they have all done this before and they don't think it is big deal. After all, they didn't get hurt landing in a pile of snow. My husband said it is about an 11 - 12 foot drop and he couldn't believe they did this. He said if it were him he would have broken something for sure. Last night he talked to the boys and made sure that they understand that they can NEVER jump from the porch again. They seem to think that adults get too "freaked out" about these things. No kidding! Crazy boys!

This is the view I have looking out the door. I don't know if you can tell the distance to the ground but this is the railing they climbed over.

This is looking over the railing. There is a small ledge they stood on to jump and you can see that the snow is not a big pile as it is very melted. They jumped at the spot in the left-hand bottom of the picture.

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