Monday, February 16, 2009

Indoor Water Park trip

I am so behind in posting this. I was waiting on getting time to put a slide show together which I finally did. Pictures aren't the best but I am having problems with my camera (remember the one that dropped in the bathtub?)

 At the end of January we took a trip along with my parents, sister and her family to an Indoor Water Park. We rented a 3 bedroom condo on the grounds which was really nice and fit all 13 of us comfortably. We got quite a bit of exercise as the walk from our condo to the water park areas was a hike through overpasses and hotel hallways but when I thought the kids would complain they surprised me as they really enjoyed all of the walking, even when we entered the "refrigerator" halls as they called them. We picked the coldest of all days to go and so even being indoors it was still cold, especially walking from place to place without shoes and in a swimming suit. While we were walking if we would see someone about to open a door to the outdoors we made a run for it as the temps outside were below zero. Tank would ask me a few times why we had to keep going swimming when it he was always so cold.

I do not enjoy being in the water and neither does my Mom so we spent our time watching the little ones and I had Baby Boy strapped to my back for the most part. He did go in the water a few times though. I wasn't sure how the boys would do going down water slides as they don't even like to get water in their face in the bathtub but again, they surprised me. Pete and Re-Pete were constantly going down almost everything their Daddy went down. John seemed to be in his element. George wasn't quite as daring but only because many of the slides were completely dark and he wasn't keen on that as he loves water and such. His favorite though was the Hurricane which was quite the ride and John said had some drop! My sister managed to get me down one family slide which was okay but I would have enjoyed it much more if it wasn't completely dark. I closed my eyes the entire 30 seconds or so and tried to be calm. At least I can say I went down a water slide.

By the second day the chlorine was starting to get to some of us and George especially had a hard time with it as it made him cough continuously the entire time he floated down the lazy river. Then we tried the hot tub (which was connected to the outdoors and they had it partially open) and the steam got my dad and me coughing along with Re-Pete who almost threw-up because he was coughing so hard. Well, that was the end of that and we all went back to our room to relax.

We did celebrate the boys birthday there and went out to a favorite Mexican restaurant of ours where the boys were treated to fried ice cream.

It was a nice couple of days just being together as a big family. George said we wouldn't even have to go to a water park. He just liked all staying together. We hope to make it an annual winter trip.


Haflingerhorses said...

That looks like a ton of fun. Your making me wish I was there (instead of freezing and looking at the snow from my window here.) I think your pictures turned out terrific. The slide show is a great idea.


sahmto4orMore said...

It looks like fun!

I think I"d be more keen on relaxing and Mexican food than water slides myself, but I"m sure my kids would disagree.

Baby Boy has gotten SO big!

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