Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cute Quote

Lately we have been trying to "retrain" Missy Blue as unfortunately we let a few things slip with her to the point where she is very whiny and screams if she doesn't get her way. Today especially I have been working on enforcing "no screaming". She spent a bit of time in her room also until she could come out happy.

Tonight she is walking around with a huge grin saying loudly, "I no bumpy, I SMILE!" (Bumpy is her word for grumpy). That's right Missy, you got it! Just remember it for tomorrow!


sahmto4orMore said...

Ha, we're still working on Mr. Grumpy with Kade.

I tell him to put Mr. Grumpy back in his pocket and show me cheerful. It's amazing how quickly he can change his countenance with a reminder.

It sounds like MIssy is getting it quickly.

valind said...

We have that same problem in our house as well. Sometimes I wish I could even go back in time with our 5 year old and do things different. She is such a whiner these days.

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