Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby's doctor visit

Baby Boy had his checkup at our family doctor this week. While he was in the hospital they had a pediatrician consult. She had thought that Baby may have asthma being that he has been in the hospital twice in his 8 months (first was RSV though) and he has had eczema so badly which is related. She wanted to put him on a daily preventative inhaled steriod which I was not comfortable with. Afterall, this was his first problem with breathing. It began with a cold, then croup and turned to an asthma-type cough. It is very similar to what George had when he was a toddler. That was one of the reasons we totally changed our eating habits/lifestyle. Thankfully George outgrew his need for breathing treatments with every cold by the time he turned 4.

Anyway, in talking with our family doctor, she agreed that we will watch Baby and next time he gets a cold see how he responds and if it would become the asthma-cough again we'll start breathing treatments and will evaluate at that time. She gave me a compliment in that her husband, also a doctor, discharged Baby from the hospital on Thursday and cleared us to go up north. He told his wife, our doctor, that if it were anyone else, there is no way he would have allowed them to go anywhere. He said, "She knows what she is doing!". I guess having six children does give me a little credibility at times. 

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