Thursday, July 3, 2008

Annual Strawberry Picking

Last weekend the boys and I went with my Dad to pick strawberries as we do every year. This time my sister and my nephew joined us for the fun. The boys worked well, had fun and our buckets were full in no time. Although, they only like to pick the big strawberries and tend to leave the smaller ones for us to come behind and pick. We have been eating strawberry everything this week: strawberry bread with strawberry butter, strawberry milkshakes, strawberry-orange julius, and just plain strawberries as there is nothing quite like the taste of fresh picked berries. I am too busy to make any jam at this point so am only washing and freezing the berries whole as we go through them so quickly making smoothies and such.

Here is our group.

Tank and his big strawberry

This is where I found Tank when we got home. He had only picked enough strawberries in his bucket for himself so he sat down under the tree and enjoyed his berries and has a red mouth to prove it. :)

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