Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Boy is 8 months!

Baby boy has certainly been changing as of late. For awhile I thought he would be like his sister, just content to sit and watch the world go by but I guess not. He has been rolling from his belly to his back for awhile now which caused problems sleeping. Seeing as he only sleeps on his belly, when he would roll over he was unable to fall asleep until we rolled him back over. Suddenly, the other day I found he had rolled from his back to his belly all on his own and now it seems he has always been rolling. He also began to lift himself up on anything he could grab hold of. He looks like a little body builder sitting at the base of my chair here, grabbing the bottom rung and pulling himself up. This week he started a new sound, every dad's favorite -- "da da da da da!" He also cut his first two bottom teeth. So many changes in just a matter of weeks!

His baby days seem to be flying by but I am thankful he is such a cuddlebug. Over and again I enjoy the exhilarating feeling of holding him in my arms, taking in his baby smell, feeling his breath on my face, and his chubby little arms wrapped around my neck. There is absolutely nothing like the feel of a baby in your arms! God is so good to give us such wonderful gifts!

I am trying to think of a blog nickname for him as "baby boy" and "he" are not too exciting. My nephew recently held him and said "he has too many rumples! So I thought of "Rumples". My Mom calls him "Michelin baby" and my sister calls him "Chubbers" but then the name has to carry him into boyhood. If you have any ideas please comment and let me know.

This picture is a little blurry but I like it as this is how Baby Boy looks most often. A smile beneath the thumb. He loves his thumb and will suck either one. He is a very happy baby and it doesn't take much to make him smile.

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