Thursday, April 3, 2008

Background Music for life

Do you ever watch a movie and listen to the music wishing that your life had background music like the movies do? I often think how nice it would be and on that note typically will have music playing throughout my day with a various mix of styles. We may start the day with energetic songs for the kids at breakfast then move to a mix of hymns, contemporary worship, soundtracks, and instrumentals through the rest of the day. The children love to listen to the soothing sounds of instrumental praise songs, especially those mixed with the sound of crickets or waterfalls, or Kenny G to fall asleep to and it puts me at ease also.

Music is such a powerful thing and it often sets the mood or conjures up memories for me. When my Grandma was at home dying from cancer I spent as much time as I could with her and also kept my Grandpa company. We would play hymns for her and at the moment she died we were at her side and the song that was playing was "Surely the Presence of the Lord Is In This Place". I will never forget that and the song brings back memories. Grandma's favorite hymn was "How Great Thou Art". She could play the piano by ear and played this with such passion. Even after 13, years at times I still can get choked up singing the last verse of that grand hymn. -- "When we've been there, ten-thousand years..." Praise God Grandma is there today.

During the Christmas season memories my Dad and growing up abound, especially when I hear Nat King Cole singing "O Holy Night" or Johnny Mathis singing "Sleigh Ride". What a wonderful feeling when I hear those songs I grew up with!

This past November when I gave birth to Baby Boy I made a mixed CD to have playing during my c-section. At the moment he was born I took notice of the song and it was another old hymn but set to a new melody -- "Jesus, I am Resting".  What a great reminder for me to be resting in the Lord as I was in the midst of surgery! The arrangement is from a Praise Baby CD and I love to listen to it and will forever have the memory of Baby's birth when I hear that song. I sing it often for the children and we are working on the words together. Every time the song is played Tank says, "Is that what ----- was born to?"

Yesterday after years of searching I finally found the arrangement of the song (
"Take My Life and Let It Be") that I walked down the aisle to and after downloading it was brought back to those nervous moments when I was on the arm of my dad waiting to be married.

Those are just a sampling of the memories both good and bad that a simple song can bring.

Ahh, music, sweet music. What is the background music in your life?

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anneliesekmcdowell said...

I feel the same about music. I love having music playing during the day! My husband doesn't care for the competion (he doesn't like to shout over the music), so I only play it while he is sleeping.

But, for cleaning, I prefer fast, upbeat songs. For quiet times, such as meal prep and other times in the day, I love listening to hymns (old and new arrangments), instrumentals and some songs from musicals.

Some of my favorite songs include Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (this was the first hymn I learned how to play on the piano and it still touches me whenever I hear it).

Another is Change my Heart, O God (I love the reminder of this song!), I also love Pachabel's Canon in D (everytime I hear this I remember walking down the aisle to my husband), I also love the sweet melody of Be Thou my Vision!

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle has begun to have new meaning and can make me tear up now that I have girls!

My children love listening to the Hide 'Em in Your Heart CD's. They have memorized so much scripture this way.

I have also compiled a sampling of hymns, instrumentals (both classical & hymns), and a few from musicals that we listen to. My son surprised me the other day by singing along to one of the hymns in this collection. I was so surprised that he knew all the words!

I love music and enjoy bringing it into my children's lives. Some day my girls and my son will learn to play the piano, but for now I am content to sing with them.

Music is a great way to keep your mind on the Lord and off of yourself! It was wonderful to "hear" your soundtrack!

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