Monday, April 21, 2008

Business and pleasure

My husband had meetings at work today with some men from Korea who came over to see where their Hyundai engine block is being built. They needed to make a good impression and things needed to be just so, so he did go in on Saturday to prepare. The lengths they go to impress people amazes me. The best of the best it seems, from accommodations at an area resort to lunch and then dinner at the finest restaurants. I will say that I was a bit jealous as my husband had two wonderful meals today while I sat home eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch and pancakes for supper since he wasn't here anyway (and I haven't been to the grocery store in too long!) I was in luck though as they were told to buy dessert for their wives. My husband knows me well and brought home chocolate cake with a filling of chopped nuts and coconut. Yum! One of the guys he was with told him to get the Tiramisu or then just to get both so I ended up with two desserts! A nice treat after a long day. I do plan on sharing with the children tomorrow.

On another note -- my husband told me they were discussing their families today and the guys jokingly told the Koreans to ask him how many children he had. He told them he has six children and they couldn't believe it, especially after he told him how old he is.  One of the men even made a note of it on my husband's business card. We got a chuckle out of that. (I suppose they did also.)

I am so proud of my husband and am always amazed at things like the fact that this major project for his company is in his very capable hands. He definitely deserved to take it easy today and enjoy himself.

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Anonymous said...

Your secret pal visited your blog. She is praying for you and hopes that you have a nice anniversary!

I like your site very much. I hope you enjoy your gift.


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