Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Creative Play

I always enjoy when the children decide to be creative in their play. On Monday they made a grocery store, taking our empty containers and boxes, pricing them, and setting them up on tables. George came up with the idea of making a cart out of a ride-on toy with boxes taped on. They also made a cash register and play money. They made sure to have soda on-hand for Daddy to buy since we rarely have it. He thought it was quite a deal at $1 a bottle. They also sold some hats and a couple of toys. Re-Pete was the cashier and George was the bagger. The rest of us shopped. By the time they were done the store was cleaned out.

Missy Blue with her shopping cart that even had a place for her baby.

Pete shopping

Tank paying for his items.


Patiecake said...

What can be more educational. I love when the children put their creativity into play and do things like this. Great pictures. Do they use play money or real? I ask because I let the kids use my chain jar!

EEEEMommy said...

That's what I love to see! And they don't even realize what a great educational experience it is! :)

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