Monday, April 7, 2008

Inspiring Blog

A few weeks back I mentioned my cousin and his wife  who are expecting a baby with anencephaly. In our correspondence she directed me to a blog that so expresses her own feelings. It is written by the wife of one of the members of the group Selah.  They are expecting a baby girl who has many problems and most likely will not live outside of the womb. Angie is her name and her writing has been very transparent in how she is feeling, sharing both the ups and downs but all the while continuing to praise the One who created this little life. I have been keeping up with Angie's blog and today is the day of her c-section. If you would like to be blessed by a beautiful story check out this blog (make sure to start at the beginning and get your kleenex ready)-- Bring the Rain.

1 comment:

Patiecake said...

You were right about the kleenex. I thought it was so sad but what a tremendous faith the family had. How is your cousin doing?

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