Friday, February 29, 2008

Show & Tell Friday -- Outdoor discovery

The boys were out playing in the snow, climbing up into one of our large pine trees (I always wonder why they climb such a prickly tree but that's just me). George was at the top of the tree and Missy was calling for him so he slid down the branches. On his way down he saw a fox under the branch right were he was about to land and he jumped quickly to the side. Re-Pete came to get me and I said, "Are you sure it isn't a bunny?" He said, "NO! It's ORANGE!" Okay, I went out to check. Yes indeed it is a dead fox. I took a few pictures and then we looked for tracks. We were able to see the paw prints in a nice straight line as foxes walk with one foot in front of the other (this we found out in our "Fun With Nature" book) and drops of blood were here and there. We followed the trail and it looks like the fox must have been injured, possibly on the road and came up our driveway and lay down under our tree. The orange of the fox looks so pretty against the green of the pine tree. It was a great science lesson for the day! The DNR said to throw it away, so we will wait for Daddy to take care of that.

Three fox paw prints. You can see a spot of blood next to the bottom right one.

The fox curled up under a branch with just it's ears sticking up.

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blessinghill said...

Poor little fox! He at least got to find a nice place to lay down in. Great science lesson though.

SuzyScribbles said...

Oh, how interesting but sad. That is a pretty picture of the fox. He looks like he is sleeping.

I loved looking at your family's pics. My DD is pg with #6 and has 5 little ones.

I love your "pete" and "re-pete"! HA!

Stef said...

Poor little guy. He looks so peaceful and cozy, all curled up. It's comforting to know that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without our heavenly Father knowing. I'm glad He led the little fox to a beautiful haven in its final moments.

bubbebobbie said...

Smart to wait for dad. This is the second fox I have seen this week on HSB. Carol had one too.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

whirlwind said...

Sad, but glad that you were able to learn about it. A friend of mine does nature study and is an excellent artist. She said there are times when she will use deceased birds, etc to get the details. Sounds icky, but it really is great way to study the animal. (Just don't touch.) She also photographs it for later.

DaddysCHicks said...

All that snow . . . the fox is cute too.


sahmto4orMore said...

We've been studying animal tracking, so that would have been great for us right now, but oh,

how sad!

I'm sorry the poor thing died there in your yard.

S/he looks so peaceful curled up there.

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