Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have been trying to come up with something interesting to blog about this week when I realized one thing I haven't mentioned.

My husband works for a company that designs/makes parts for cars and his position was a "component engineer".  A few weeks ago he suddenly announced that he received an unexpected promotion at work. He wasn't sure what to make of it at first as him and a friend were both promoted to "project manager" in a sort of restructuring. He now has a new boss, moved to another building and has more responsibility as he oversees a new project of building an engine block for Hyundai. This also involves a bit of travel mainly to Alabama for a day at a time and possibly to Korea. Unfortunately his new boss had a stroke a week after the promotion and so my husband now finds himself with jobs on the financial side of things which as an engineer he doesn't enjoy quite as much. I am so proud of my husband and am always amazed at his ability as I am quite clueless when it comes to this field of work!

Congratulations honey!

Along those same lines as I have been reading blogs lately I have thought, "I wonder what she did before she had children? Did she work outside of the home?" So I thought I would share what I did before life at home with children. (I wonder if I mentioned this before -- if so, sorry!)

After high school I really did not have any idea of what I wanted to do with my life beyond marrying the love of my life. He was going to a school for engineering and so I went to an area technical college and started off taking classes to be a secretary. I soon found I had the knack for computers (at least the software side of things) and so I changed and ended up getting an associates degree in computers. After completing that I worked through a temp agency doing various jobs and finding that I could never enjoy being a secretary.

I then got a job at a large company in the area at their computer helpdesk. For the life of me I can't believe I ever did that as it seems so "not me!" Listening to complaints and trying to help people with their computer over the phone was not ideal. I did enjoy the people I worked with and it seemed we were always finding some reason to celebrate and bring food.  If I had it to do again I would do something more creative as photography or gardening have always intrigued me.

Anyway, we were married a year later and two years later we had our first child. We decided that I would no longer work but my boss convinced me to try working part-time and could do some work from home and go in a day or two. That seemed ideal but it did not work out very long as our first baby was colicky and I had a hard time getting work done, especially having to be on the phone when I had a crying baby. So that ended my life in the workplace. I have never regretted that decision nor have I had any desire to work outside of the home. I love, love, love being home with our children! Oh, they drive me crazy from time to time but I wouldn't trade this job for the world!

So how about you? What did you do before you became a stay-at-home mom?


Patiecake said...

That was a great story and I do envy you alittle as about four months ago after 9 months of being home and three years before that I went back to work very part-time and am hoping things can change as the stress of even a few hours of work can be difficult. You are very blessed. They grow so quickly. I try to put my hours in the evenings so I loss less time with the kids.

sahmto4orMore said...

First, congrats to your husband!

Second, i love the new pics of your boys. Very handsome crew.

Third, i blogged about my working days and put it up. It's a little long-winded.

I thought it was neat to read about what you did "BEFORE."

Have a great weekend!


EEEEMommy said...

Congrats to your husband. My husband is a technical guy too (computer network admin/systems engineer) and he's avoided the project manager role so far for various reasons. It can be really stretching for an engineer to balance the technical side with the finance/management/paperwork side. I pray that he does well!

Before I had kids...I graduated with a degree in History/Political Science Pre-Law. I got married instead of going to Law School. During the summers while in college, I worked for a temp agency doing various receptionist/clerical or accounts receivable jobs. I really did well with the accounting stuff (in retrospect, that's probably what I should have majored in...much more practical). I also waitressed, and spent a couple of summers working as a messenger/mail clerk at a law firm.

I got pregnant only one month after I got married. It took me a few months to find a job, but I finally got one working as a Special Ed Para-Professional in a public Middle School. I worked there for the second semester of the school year, and then my son was born that summer. When he was 6 months old, I started waitressing nights. I did that for 6 months, and fortunately haven't needed to work since. God is good! I'd much rather stay home. :)

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