Thursday, March 6, 2008

Various happenings

The past weeks have been full of various happenings and kept us on the go but we sure learned a lot and had fun doing it! George went on a field trip to meet the Mayor which was probably more enjoyable for the Moms who went along. Later that week the three oldest boys went to their final cooking class where they made Root Beer (or orange flavored soda), Shirred Eggs that were so yummy, and Turkey Potpie using puff pastry. I also enjoy the class and get new menu ideas.

Putting the top of puff pastry on their mini turkey potpies

Saturday we took our annual trip along with my parents and my sister's family to the "domes" to see a model train show in a beautiful garden setting. (Just the shot of "spring" I needed!) The theme was Gulliver's travels this year so there was a large Gulliver and the trains rode around the village of Lilliput. That is always a fun time. Right now I would like to be back in the tropical dome -- despite the fact that the humidity was so high that my hair lost all curl.

You can see Gulliver's feet in this picture and one of the trains at the bottom. I don't have a good picture to show the immensity of the display.

Sunday we hosted dinner for the college students that come down to help out in various areas at church. The children absolutely love to have them come over and enjoy the time playing games and just goofing around after dinner. Later in the day brought Grandma and Grandpa for a visit. They came to keep me company for a couple days while John went on a business trip (to a place it was warm). The children enjoyed it and it was a nice help for me.

Yesterday we took in a bit of sledding before heading to art class. The hills were icy which made it all the more fun.

You can see one patch of ice just below where the chain of children is. They were sledding into what we call a "bowl" as it is a large bowl shape in the ground. On another note -- It is where my high school graduation ceremony was.

Time for a break from activities. Although, keeping busy has helped to break up the seemingly endless days indoors.

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EEEEMommy said...

What a great update! I haven't been by to visit in a while, and it has been fun catching up with you. That exhibit sounds really cool! How strange it must have been to leave the snow and cold and visit the tropics. Fun though! I'm very ready for spring to come!

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