Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Today the boys were able to attend a homeschool Valentine's Day party. They all enjoyed the time giving and receiving valentines, playing games, and making valentines for a local nursing home.

Me, being the person that I am began working on our valentines yesterday. (I may work best under pressure but I sure wish I wasn't such a procrastinator!) This year we made a valentine using an idea from Family Fun making heart crayons out of leftover crayon stubs. After making 60 crayons I think we have the art perfected! We have found that crayon stubs are okay but using the pack of 64 crayons and using the brighter colors chopped by Mom make the most colorful crayons. This was a project that any age child could easily participate in and didn't involve arguing over who is first or some such thing as they each put their favorite color into the heart shaped pan. The boys had fun making the crayons, although putting everything together in the end got a little tedious, but thankfully attitudes for the most part remained cheerful --I worked hard at not getting frazzled also in order to not ruin the "fun" of our creativity.

Here is the finished valentine. We ended up putting them in small plastic bags as the crayon would not stick to the paper no matter what we tried.


anneliesekmcdowell said...

Very cute! Oh, to have your artisitic/creative ability! And your patience! I'm sure the kids had a great time! Are these crayon hearts then usable? That is truly a neat idea and great use of old crayons!

Patiecake said...

You may be a procrastinate but you are very creative. Our Valentine's werd done two weeks ago but they came out of a box.

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