Thursday, December 20, 2012

Me and My Camera

I was thinking this week about something I could not live without and one item is my camera. I'll get to the reason I was pondering that in a minute. I love my camera! I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I  remember when I was little using my grandma's long rectangular camera with the disposable flash that attached. And when I was in middle school I got my very own camera. I have no idea what kind it was. Some type of point and shoot from "back in the day" (seems to be a catch phrase I hear often lately) again with the disposable flash. Wow, we have come so far! And so have my pictures. I have learned and grown along with each new camera.

But alas, my camera (Canon Rebel Xsi) bit the dust. Which got me to pondering how I could possibly survive without it -- especially with Christmas coming up. The screen was black with a dreaded Error 99. After a bit of research and trying out a few suggestions nothing worked and everything pointed to it needing to be sent for repair. Well, I had it sent for repair last year after a lens got stuck (I actually found that post still as a draft and just published it) and broke some connecting pins. I was none too happy then as it was right after Zippy was born. Well, I was not happy this time either knowing it takes at least a month to get it back. And too, do you put money into repairing it yet again when you could be saving for a bit of an upgrade? Repairs aren't exactly cheap.

Well, Canon had a great sale on refurbished cameras last week. They are already slightly discounted but there was a deal on top of that. Yes, but still more than we wanted to spend now. John and I talked it over but I didn't think he would agree to it and was trying to come to terms with just fixing what I had but then I saw an email in my inbox from John saying "Merry Christmas!" with an order from Canon thanking John for his order. And I was so excited to the point of tears! Maybe I love my camera a little too much.

My new camera arrived and is so much fun! I notice the advancements in this one right away. I am very excited about the higher ISO and my indoor pictures without flash look so much better and I can actually see the real color of my kitchen walls. With my old camera it never came through with the light green it really is. The pictures also seem a tad more crisp which I have been really desiring. This one also has video capability. I have so much playing to do I can't wait. Merry Christmas to me! And Thank You so much John!!!


One of my favorite subjects. Although he doesn't often stay still lately which equals not as crisp but still nice. Caught him doing one of his favorite things lately -- playing with the tree!

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Heather said...

Love that John surprised you with this! And beautiful photo of your little man caught in the act!!

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