Tuesday, September 25, 2012

George Plays Tackle Football

George really enjoys football. When he was little I wondered if he would be as interested in watching a game as his Daddy as he was really oblivious to what was going on. But gradually over time he became more and more interested and now he seems to know everything there is to know about the game of football. What does he want to be when he grows up? A football player of course. :) Now, John and I are realistic about that but a boy can dream can't he? But to do that he needed to actually play the game and not just toss the ball around with his Dad and brothers. He waited patiently until the day that John decided he could give it a shot in a free tackle league for his age.

The season is only 6 weeks long with two practices each week. I am growing a bit weary of it as supper is always rushed and too John goes to kickboxing immediately after with any of the kids that go along to watch practice. But, the season is almost over with two more games left to play and I have really enjoyed watching George grow in many areas.


He did not know anyone on the team he was "drafted" to and in the past that might have bothered him but he has become much more confident and has easily made new friends.

George works hard each week. John told him with this being his first year playing if he didn't want to sit on the sidelines he needed to prove himself. And that he has. His coach has asked where he has played football before but he never has apart from a touch game at home.

He pushes himself giving it his all and is gradually learning how to take constructive criticism because it makes him a better player when he heads that advice, especially when it comes from Daddy.

George is physically stronger too and doesn't give up. The teams are small and so he plays both a defensive end and a center on offense. He is up against some big guys but can hold his own for the most part.

We'll see how this all plays out as I know now that he has the bug to play he will want to continue next year. And of course he has a few brothers who are watching and waiting as well. But for now we'll enjoy cheering for our up and coming football player.

Noah football center 3792
George plays center and has the ball in hand.

Passing the ball to the quarterback

Headed toward the linebacker


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