Wednesday, April 27, 2011

21 week update

I am 21 weeks and halfway there! Although John was asking me how I plan on surviving the summer if I am having a hard time doing things already. So, I decided to get some pregnancy workout DVDs from the library and try them out to see if any are worth buying. Tank was my "coach" and gave me pointers if I wasn't doing it exactly as the instructor and he had a critical eye on if he thought it worth doing at all. One was exercising by learning to salsa dance and was so repetitive and boring that neither of us liked that one.Working out 3 times last week made a noticeable improvement over some of the aches I have been having. One in particular worked on stretches to help with round ligament pain which I have in abundance along with the stretching scar tissue. I think I mentioned this last time too but it really is the biggest complaint I have as it is a terrible stabbing pain.

21 weeks. Can't quite see what a basketball I have here.

I no longer have any food aversions and really love food, maybe a little too much. I have more energy although not as much as I would like during the day. It kicks in more when I wish it wouldn't, at bedtime.

Baby is active, very much so but always seems to have his feet down kicking my bladder. And after seeing the ultrasound could see how close the feet are to my cervix. The other night Re-Pete was next to me on the couch with his leg leaning on my belly when the baby started pushing against him and he felt that. I thought it too soon for others to feel but I guess not.

We are not finding out what we are having but I am going to assume baby to be a boy and so will refer to him as that because I can't call baby an "it".

My last ultrasound was Monday and part of it was done in 3D which I have never had before so that was fun. I do so love ultrasounds to catch that glimpse of my baby and see all of the amazing parts functioning just as God created them to. We even saw the kidneys full and then the next picture baby had eliminated and so were no longer visible. Although baby was not cooperating very well and the tech had to keep chasing him around. He also did not want to let his face be seen but kept putting hands in front. So, my 3D pictures ended up being more blurry than others I have seen. I had hoped for a nice clear picture of detailed hands or feet but at least I got to see him and a video clip of him moving hands back and forth across his face. I am wondering if I'll have another thumb-sucker.
Very blurry but his arm is up on the side of his face.

I labeled this one just in case you need help figuring body parts out. This little one was curled up but moving all around. The boys think it has to be a boy because he is doing a taekwondo move. :)-


Kidcraze said...

You look beautiful, Amy!
I'm so excited for you and so happy that things are going well.
Hope working out helps. I found water aerobics or just walking in the pool to be immensely helpful when pregnant and it felt soooooo good to let the belly float!

Michelle said...

You look wonderful!! Absolutely beautiful!! Praying that the last few months go smoothly for you. The water aerobics sounds like a wonderful idea!

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