Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls T-shirt into a Shrug

My Mom, Sister and I went shopping last month for Easter dresses and Missy came along for her first real shopping trip. Real meaning it was an hours drive to get to the big stores. We had a great time and Missy amused us by picking out a load of dresses and put on a fashion show for us until she picked out her favorite. I was a little worried as her taste once in awhile leans toward gaudy. But she did pick out a cute dress that we all liked.

Missy's dress for Easter was sleeveless (do they even make short sleeved?!) and we all know you can't wear a dress like with our spring weather without covering up a bit. So, I had looked for a shrug to match and while I found a couple that might work I couldn't bear to spend more money for it and nothing was really what I envisioned (which is most always the case). If I could design clothes/home decor and sew I'd have everything just as I dream it to be. But alas, I'll just continue to dream. Instead I found a great website that has tutorials on re-purposing clothes and she had instructions on making a shrug out of a t-shirt. I showed it to my Mom and she had found a cute teal t-shirt for $5 with ruffles and bought it and then whipped it into a shrug.

It looked so perfect and was just as I had envisioned. There are so many projects from Make It and Love It that I want to do and they don't all look very difficult either so maybe one of these days I'll get my Mom to help me.

It helps to start with a cute t-shirt. We decided to keep the ruffles in front although the tutorial cut them off.

Finished shrug. I love it! It closes at the top with a button but Missy kept taking it off and on.

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Heather said...

Ingenious! So cute! And Missy is the perfect model, love that smile! I did a little browsing on the Make It and Love It link - you do need to convince your mom to start whipping up some t-shirt dresses :)

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