Monday, October 25, 2010

One less job for Daddy

Missy Blue and Seppy's  birthday present arrived in the mail today. We ordered a KidKraft wooden (kind of) kitchen set. I have wanted to get one for her for awhile but we were waiting until she really showed an interest. While at a wonderful toy store on our vacation, Missy would not leave the kitchen area and played to her hearts content with the kitchen set, baking cookies and making other culinary delights. And more often lately she has been playing with my old Holly Hobby set at my parents house.

I really like the wooden sets and it would be ideal to make one ourselves out of real wood but who has the time for that? I like all the fun gadgets like ice coming out of the fridge door on some of the plastic models but I really wanted wood and after looking at many reviews found this one for a reasonable price. Being that it is also for Seppy we got primary colors rather than the pastels.

George was excited to see it arrive and immediately wanted to assemble it. I thought this was a job that Daddy needed to tackle and they could help but John said to see what they could do. And so, George, with the help of his brothers, mainly Pete, have been reading through the directions and have almost completed the kitchen set.  I guess there is one less job for Daddy! And I think he is a little relieved not to have to worry about getting that done before the party this week.

On another note -- Missy Blue also knows it arrived and has been little Miss Nosy all day. We keep moving the project to keep her guessing but now that it is in the basement she knows it. At this point she thinks she is getting a shelf for her bedroom after she saw a portion in the garage but she is actually quite happy about that seeing as she thinks it would be nice to put her toys on. When it is complete we thought of a new hiding spot and will have it covered until the big reveal Friday night. Poor little girl has to wait 4 more days! Seppy on the other hand just goes with the flow.

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