Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pete and Re-Pete turn 8!

Pete and Re-Pete turned 8 years old today! I had thought they were 45 minutes apart but I looked at their birth info this morning and Pete is 1 hour and 8 minutes older than Re-Pete so we had fun with that as they were a different age for a short period of time.

Pete and Re-Pete are so much the same yet different in many ways too. Peas in a pod for sure and such a bond. While most large families have ready-made friends it is especially true when you have twins, or at least identical twins. They share so much and understand each other like no one else. They do things the same, weigh the same or within a pound of each other, are the same height or within a cm. of each other, have the same sleeping habits waking typically within minutes of the other, even to the point of when one is in the bathroom the other often needs to use the other one.

It has been much fun to watch them grow and mature and while they are twins, still see the individuality expressed as God created them unique, despite their similarities. They have been counting down to their birthday for the past few months and so it was with joy they woke up to 0 days left!


At 4 years old

Taking a break in the stroller at the races this summer. Do you know who is who?

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