Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Tank!

Tank turned 6 years old today. He woke up this morning to the smell of his breakfast of choice -- cinnamon rolls, sausages and sparkling grape juice. He has been waiting and waiting for his special day and on Thursday when it was Pete and Re-Pete's birthday he struggled with the fact that he had to wait another two days. "Sigh!" But his day has arrived and he will be made to feel special, with no chores to do, favorite foods to eat and then we have a big party tomorrow.

Last night John and I took Tank to Texas Roadhouse to eat with no other siblings and his face was beaming with joy at not having to share. He had a steak to himself and when the waitress brought him his plate his mouth hung open with a surprised but pleased look. We went browsing the toy department after where he could take his time. Took a drive through the car wash and he even was excited to do that alone and he told us, "I'm having so much fun!". While we will take each birthday boy out individually Pete and Re-Pete decided that Tank should go first which made his day.

Happy Birthday my crazy lovable boy!

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