Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My-Se-Oh-F (Myself)

Seppy has a new favorite word this week -- my-se-oh-f (phonetically spelled so say it fast) otherwise known as -- myself. A few days ago we were getting the children ready for bed and couldn't find Sep. We called for him and found that he had climbed into his crib and stood their grinning at us. When we asked how he got into his bed he proudly said, "I did my-se-oh-f!" He then climbed out himself and went back and forth showing us what he could now do. John decided to avoid any potential falls by lowering the railing to make it a little easier.

Usually when Seppy would wake in the morning one of his brothers would get him out of bed and he would always come to me telling me who "did it" (got him out of bed). Now when he wakes in the morning, and no, he doesn't really get out any earlier, he runs out saying, "I did my-se-oh-f!" Yesterday afternoon I lay him down for a nap and then was in my room. Shortly after I heard his little voice joining his brothers and telling them "my-se-oh-f". They thought it was so funny that he escaped to tell them but I made sure to explain the rules of naptime and that he could not get out until I Mama says so and that suited him fine. Now this new-found freedom has brought with it attempts to try EVERYTHING by himself. He wants to take his clothes off himself, put his shoes on, brush his teeth, empty the dishwasher, etc. Always saying "MY-SE-OHF!"
Sorry little guy, you can't do everything yourself!!!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Oh, but it is such a FUN age!

I can't believe he is already so big. If he is that big, then that means that Autumn is that big, too. She is into doing things herself as well, but she just giggles when she does it.

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