Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Tank!

Happy 5th Birthday Tank!

Your day has finally arrived! Tank has been counting down days along with his brothers since the beginning of December if not before. At times he was more excited about his upcoming birthday that he forgot Christmas was on its way. He was our first baby where we chose his birthday as I had a c-section. He could have been born on the 14th along with his twin brothers but we didn't want him to have to share and so selected this day which is my Grandma's birthday. It is interesting in that he seems to get his big brown eyes from her. As usual though he had a rough time on Wednesday having to wait for his day to arrive.

This morning he selected cinnamon rolls for breakfast (he wanted "sgetti" as he always requests but we will have that at the party on Sunday). We added more streamers around the house to make it more special for him so our house is full of color.

We have had a lot of fun looking through pictures and seeing how much everyone has changed. We found Tank frequently running around in just a diaper trying to get into the picture. He is a little chaotic and drives me crazy at times but is such a loveable little guy. He is kind of stuck in the middle in wanting to do what his older brothers do and yet also wanting to be with his little sister. It is tough being the middle guy once in awhile.

To get to know Tank a little better here are a couple of questions I asked in our Christmas newsletter and his responses.

What was your favorite thing we did this year?

I like going to the Civil War.”  (re-enactment) Why? “Because it is so fun. Because I like the horses.”

What do you like to eat?
“I like to eat cucumbers and then I like to eat red peppers, green ones, orange ones, lellow(yellow) ones and jello”

Look at all of his dark hair! My only baby that had hair.

One of my favorites of Tank at 6 months

Always goofy for a picture. He had  a lot of blonde hair and right after this picture he decided to cut a big chunk out and it has never been the same.

My beautiful brown-eyed boy! Taken in Daddy's racecar, a favorite place to be.

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