Monday, November 24, 2008

Writing Class - Newletter

The next few posts I am going to be catching up on things I wanted to blog about but haven't had the chance to...

The boys had writing class a couple weeks ago and this was Pete's first time writing and then giving a speech. He was so excited to do this. The assignment was to write the family Christmas newsletter. He was all gung-ho and after listening to examples of what I typically do he wrote a little bit about each of us. I typed and printed it out for him and he decorated the edges to make it look like a newsletter. George wasn't quite as excited but once he got started he came around. He took the letters of Christmas and found favorite events of our year for each letter. I was very pleased with what he came up with and he does quite well, despite the fact that he has had such a hard time reading/writing.

The time came to give speeches and Pete was ready and excited while George was quite nervous. Pete seems to enjoy being in front of people and I love that about him. He just doesn't get nervous and wow, I wish that was me! While both boys desired to go first and continued to raise their hands to do so the "teacher" never looked their direction and so they ended up being almost last. Both boys did really well though! We get a kick out of watching Pete as he cannot read what is on the paper but yet his eyes follow the sentences and move to the next line as if he really is reading it when it is actually memorized. Re-Pete was sorry that he chose not to write and so he is gearing up for January's assignment which is a Poetry Night. That sounds like fun!

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