Saturday, November 22, 2008

True Woman Conference -- details (finally!)

The True Woman conference was last month and I have wanted to blog about the experience but it is difficult to put into words. Moody Radio has been broadcasting a different speaker each week so I have been listening again on the radio to help remind me of what I came away with.

It was an overwhelming weekend to say the least with 6000 women! There were 20 ladies of all ages from our church together and we had times of sweet fellowship which began on the drive down. Arriving at the hotel, we were privileged to stay at the conference center itself but did have a few glitches at check-in. The Lord knew what we needed however and everything worked out.

The teens and our Pastor's wife

I had chosen along with two others to volunteer for the weekend. None of us knew what that entailed as the details were very sketchy to say the least. As we found out this was a huge undertaking and no one had put together a conference of this magnitude before. I was working in the resource center keeping books on the tables and bagging for the checkers while the other two ladies were ushers. We had lovely pink aprons to wear but found that when wearing these ladies assumed that we must know what was what and that was not the case but we helped out as much as possible.

Not quite our whole group -- here I am in my pink apron.

We were lead in worship by the Getty's and it was a truly uplifting time. If you haven't heard of them you probably have heard of their music as they wrote songs such as "In Christ Alone".

I would write about each speaker but this post would be too long. If you are truly interested I recommend that you click HERE to Moody Radio and scroll down to True Woman to hear each of the speakers from the conference. (You can also download them from iTunes.) I will say that I really enjoyed hearing Mary Kassian, author of "The Feminine Mistake", whom I had never heard before. She talked about the feminist movement and how it has shaped our culture and effects each of us as women today.

Janet Parshall especially spoke to my heart . She talked about the joys and trials of raising children as she told the story of the life of Hannah in such a way that it felt as if Hannah was one of my closest friends. In the end I realized how tightly the hold on my children is and was reminded again that they are on loan to me by God to raise for His glory but are not to be my all-in-all.

(I found some of these pictures from and cannot find one of Janet)

We also enjoyed various breakout sessions and I laughed and cried during a session about "Intentional Mothering" by Holly Elliff (Pastor's wife and Mom to 8 children) whom I often hear on Revive Our Hearts.

It was difficult to come home to reality from a mountain-top type experience but I am thankful for the time away and have been trying to apply what I have learned to become a "counter-cultural" woman -- a true biblical woman.

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