Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last week

A few tidbits from last week...

I wanted to take pictures but alas, my camera is in hiding. I did use my Mom's for some things and am working on a slide show.

Monday -- I potty-trained Katie. Okay, girls are a whole lot easier! In my opinion it also helps to wait until they are 3 as it comes so much easier. I really didn't have to do much except tell her what to do and no longer use diapers. She took it from there and wants to be very independent so never even tells me she has to go but just goes and does it then empties it into the big toilet. Surprisingly with no mess. The only problem is she is that she no longer has a diaper to help hold her pants up. This is the first time in SEVEN years that we have only had 1 child in diapers! Wow!

Tuesday  -- was my husband's birthday and I have been planning for the past year to make sure that his day was as special as he was. I didn't do anything really big, just little things to remind him he was loved. Of course we did the typical birthday tradition of streamers in his doorway. Now, I suppose I should do this every day but this day I packed a nice lunch for him and put a loving note along with it. I had a note in the fridge as well. The kids and I made sure the house was cleaned up during the day and I prepared a meal to go with the gift he requested -- his exact words when I asked what he wanted were, "due to the economic times, I want a plate of garlic bread all to myself". What a goofy answer (to me anyway) but I obliged and made lasange and a salad to go along with his garlic bread. I did make a plate full for the rest of us also. We set the table with a tablecloth and my fine china and crystal goblets and had candles lit. The kids thought that was great and I wasn't sure if John would enjoy that or not but when the day was complete he said how much he enjoyed his day, candles and all.

Wednesday -- the kids were involved with a play that we presented at church that evening for our Giving Thanks service. The art group we are in along with a few other families from church decided to venture out into a new area of art -- drama. We found a short play online about Squanto and the 1st Thanksgiving. Re-Pete played a friar who purchased Squanto from the slave auction, George was Samoset, Pete was Captain Dermer who brought Squanto back to America.
The kids had a lot of fun with this and it turned out really nice.

-- We celebrated my husband's birthday along with my Dad's and brother-in-law's as they are all within a few days of each other.

Friday -- I took George along with my friend's children on a field trip to see an injection molding plant where they make toilet seats and Target shopping carts among many things. Fun stuff! I love to see how things are made.

I think we actually took it easy on the weekend. Sigh! Baby Boy had a cold that turned into the whole asthma-type cough and needed breathing treatments all week. :( That made for a few long nights as he would wake coughing and having difficulty breathing.

This week has been such a enjoyable break doing a few thanksgiving things, reading pilgrim stories and getting ready for our Mayflower Meal tonight (idea from Doorposts).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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sahmto4orMore said...

I came by to catch up with you. It sounds like you are all doing well. I hope Baby Boy is feeling all better. I like your new pics on the sidebar!

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