Friday, March 7, 2008

Show & Tell Friday -- Art Class

Last year a few homeschool Moms from church and I began an art class for our small group of children. We meet every other week with each of us taking a turn to teach. Since our group has various ages it is difficult at times to find projects to meet our needs. Lately we have been taking ideas from online that incorporate a little science and geography into our class along with teaching various art techniques. Our current project was learning about the Toucan, drawing a picture of one, coloring it with pastels and trying to blend the colors together. It took two classes to finish but they turned out great! Our next lesson will be on tigers and learning to use watercolors. That could be a bit more challenging.

Everyone's drawing is based on the same photo of a Toco Toucan.

If you would like to see more Show & Tell's visit CanadaGirl


proverbsmama said...

Sounds like fun. It is a blessing when you can get several women who are willing to help. Our local group is really faltering because no one wants to do anything, yet they still have the nerve to complain when not much is offered. (sigh)

blessinghill said...

What a great jobs the children did! What a good idea for an art class.

SuzyScribbles said...

Those kids did a GREAT job with their artwork. How fun!

And...thanks for the eye-opening music--Star Wars--excellent choice!

bubbebobbie said...

They all did such a marvelous job; especailly the little ones!

I can hardly wait to see the Tigers.

Have you concidered using water color pencils?

Because of Jesus, Bobbie

Diane said...

Amazing! All the pictures are fabulous! You must be some art teacher. wow.

bakerswife said...

Your art classes seem so fun! The little ones have to enjoy themselves while doing the projects. Toucans look great!

Blessings from Indiana,

Mama Karen

Sandpiper said...

Those are great pictures!! How neat that you have a group from your church too!

I discovered your blog via Canadagirl's blog and I have enjoyed my visit. I would like to add you to my friends list.

job19v25 said...

Great pictures! I also enjoyed your family slide show at the top. We have 6 blessings too.

Have a great weekend,


carissa belford said...

hi Amy,

It is always good to see you (during our annual visit!)

Thanks for your hospitality with your mom! You both are so sweet. I'm looking forward to trying those recipes. I love your blog and the projects the kids just did! Very creative.

Have a great week.

Patiecake said...

That was a wonderful art class. I put pictures of that too. I liked your suggestion with these projects as we were kind of lost. I posted pictures of the wedding. Some were taken far away and are a little out of focuss.We have been very sick. Take care

melissal89 said...

Thank you for sharing about your art class! What a wonderful group. Their paintings all look great!

Blessings, Melissa

Canadagirl said...

I am sooooo sorry I missed this last week. They did such a GREAT job ! I am loving teaching my boys about art. That was my strength in school. It is just now that we are really getting into teaching them. My fault not theirs. I have found by using

Draw-Write-Now has been great for teaching them. I hope to be doing a lot more as time goes by. I need to try to water colour again. That is a hard medium to use. But I think it is the prettiest of them all.

Thanks for visiting. And do you mind if I add you as a friend ?

Blessings in Him<><


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