Thursday, December 27, 2007

Corduroy pants and Pistachio nuts

Here is an example of a conversation when Mommy (me) is only "half" listening. I was wrapping a present when George comes and begins a conversation...

I hear him say, "What kind of pants am I wearing?" He really said, "What kind of nuts are these?" while holding a can of nuts they received as part of a gift.

I answer, "Corduroy".

George says, "What do they look like?
I think to myself, "What do they look like? Are you suddenly blind?"  I don't answer.

George continues on, "I don't think I am going to like the taste of these corduroys"

?!?!? Okay, time for me to pay a little attention and see a can of nuts in his hand. Laughingly I say, "No, those are pistachio nuts, NOT corduroys, those are your pants".

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living4Him said...

Too funny! Your Christmas picture is lovely...hope you had a wonderful celebration of Him!

Merry Christmas!



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